Being #1 in Service isn't an empty claim, it's the way I do business!

Nate & Jasmine Aboussou

There are so many great things that can be said about Kade Ence! However, quite simply his level of knowledge is outstanding, his attention to detail is exceptional, and his ability to make things happen is superb. As a first time home buyer, I can honestly say we could not have bought our home without his help. Kade is certainly a five star realtor and I recommend all to employe his services.

Keith & Sherrie Rawlinson

"When Keith and I decided to move to St. George, we knew we wanted to build a new home.  Kade knew all about the local builders.  With each builder offering different features and using different construction techniques it was hard to compare apples to apples.  Luckily, Kade was able to share his expertise on each builder to help us choose the one that was right for us."

Terese & Ken Mangum

 "When we decided to downsize we tried to sell our home on our own.  After wasting months with no success, we hired an agent (not Kade) to help us sell our home.  After our agreement expired with the lazy agent we met with Kade. We didn't realize the different level of service that some agents offer. He presented a detailed marketing plan to show us how he could sell our home in less than 60 days.  Knowing that luxury home buyers are hard to find, we gave him the challenge.  Kade's marketing plan worked and our home was sold in just over a month!

Hugh Kinney

"Kade was a great asset in helping my wife and I find a winter home in St. George.  He is great with follow up and has great knowledge of the area"

Rich McArthur

 "As I was search for investment properties in St. George I had several agents tell me they would find what I was looking for.  However, it seemed that Kade was the only agent that maintained regular follow up, and didn't keep the best deals to himself.  He's a hard working individual with great integrity that can sometimes be hard to come by."

Dave & Jeanne Macdonald

Over almost a year's time, we were able to become well acquainted with Kade and his professional skill and expertise in the home sale and building industry. He has been very responsive to our concerns as buyers and yet equally capable in realizing the interests of the sellers. We highly recommend him to those sellers and buyers in the St George area. Our experience with him was in both 2012 and 2013.

Dave & Jeanne Macdonald

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Kristelle Wilkins

Hi Kade,
Thanks for the email. Yes, it sure is crazy how fast time has gone. We really love our home and are very happy with our neighborhood. We actually just refinanced last month to lower our interest rate and are extremely pleased to now have our payment closer to what we initially thought it would be!
As far as having any friends moving, I almost had a referral for you. My brother and his wife are trying to buy a home, but I found out too late and they already had starting working with a realtor. I was really disappointed because I want them to have the best chance at obtaining what they're hoping for and I know you would have taken great care to give them the very best chance. 
Anyway, I definitely won't hesitate to recommend you to anybody else I come across in need of a realtor. 
Take care,