Sky Diving

For the adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers, St. George can satisfy even your extreme tastes. If you’re interested in Zion, but a simple hike up Angels Landing is just to tame for you, then Skydive Zion might be your entertainment of choice. With their spectacular scenery, modern equipment, and highly experienced staff this will definitely be the HIGH point of your year! Or if the plunge is a little too much to handle alone head on down to Tandem Skydiving for the most thrilling (but supervised) experience you will ever have. Add in videos or pictures so when you’re done you can relive your experience over an over again with family and friends!
If you’d prefer fewer mountains and more desert, Skydive Mesquite is where you should head. Only 40 minutes from St George, Skydive Mesquite has all you could ask for. The holders of every Nevada skydiving record would be happy to help you experience skydiving as well.
So what if heights aren’t your thing but you still really want the experience? Then head on down to Las Vegas to Vegas Indoor Skydiving. With their advanced wind tunnel, padded walls, and trampoline mesh floor it’s the safest way to earn your wings. So no matter your personal tastes, the freedom of flight is always near.