Southwestern Utah has a number of streams that allow for excellent trout fishing. The Sevier River, which runs parallel to Highway 89, is home to brown and rainbow trout fishing. The East Fork of the Sevier, which lies north of Bryce Canyon, is a good place to fish for brown, cutt, and rainbow trout. Panguitch Creek and the Beaver River are also popular fishing streams in the southern end of the state.
There are also a number of lakes in southern Utah where fishing is productive as well as enjoyable. Lake Powell, which lies along the border of Utah and Arizona, is well known for its bass and striped bass fishing in addition to its popularity with boaters. Sand Hollow and Quail Creek reservoirs near St George are also developing reputations as prime locations for bass.
Fish Lake, south of Richfield, is famous for Mackinaw, splake and rainbow trout, while Johnson and Gooseberry Reservoirs have great trout fishing from the bank. People regularly visit Otter Creek Reservoir to fish for trout, or Yuba Reservoir for walleye and yellow perch. Further south, Panguitch Lake, is a popular destination for trout, and is also excellent for ice fishing. Puffer and Kents Lakes, located east of Beaver, are popular with casual fishermen. Trout-fishing reservoirs include Minersville, Paragonah Reservoir, and Newcastle Reservoir.
Boulder Mountain has over a hundred lakes that are prime locations for fishing. Pine Lake, north of Bryce Canyon, and Navajo Lake, between Cedar City and Highway 89, are favorite mountain lakes for trout, as well as Upper and Lower Enterprise Reservoirs, and Yankee Meadows Reservoir. Gunlock Reservoir is also developing a reputation for bass and crappie fishing.