"Where the summer sun spends the winter"
Located in the midst of some of nature's most remarkable scenery, St. George has become a winter haven for snowbirds and retirees. The winter's moderate temperatures provide a great amount of relief for sufferers of arthritis and other medical conditions exacerbated by the cold, such as respiratory weakness and systolic blood pressure. St. George is also an incredibly friendly environment for seniors, with many businesses offering discounts, a variety of active social groups that supply opportunities to meet and engage with new people, and a number of LDS "snowbird wards" running in the wintertime.

“Snowbirds” are what the over 70,000 local St. George Residents like to call people who migrate here during the mild winter months to escape the snow and enjoy “Sunny St. George”. Spring break is a particularly busy time to be in St. George, especially on St. George Boulevard, as high school and college kids like to come down and spend their break from school enjoying a slice of the perfect weather.
With a yearly average temperature of 78 degrees and a low of 45 degrees, those who love the sun will love St. George. The summer months (June, July, August) are the hottest of the year with high temperatures in the 90s, if not 100s almost daily.
A good number of these “snowbirds” are usually pretty well off retirees who use St. George as their winter home location to get away from the cold weather. They often have other homes in other locations as well.
Many “snowbirds” enjoy using St. George as the base for touring Southern Utah and the western United States, as there are many things to do not only in St. George, but in the surrounding cities and areas as well. St. George is friendly to all who are visiting. In fact, I often have visitors tell me how nice the people here are, especially in the grocery store. Lodging in St. George is exceptional and affordable at any time of year, even winter when the “snowbirds” start coming down from up north.
If you are one of these “snowbirds” or would like to try it out yourself and see “where the summer sun spends the winter”, there are many things you can do while spending your time down here.  St. George has many outdoor activities and adventures for you to check out by looking through the other sections on my website under the Things To Do and Places To Go tabs. Golfing, boating, hiking, fishing, camping, RVing, and many other fun things can all be done right here in Sunny St. George.
Even if you are not a “snowbird” yourself, you might have heard about the amazing golf courses that St. George has to offer. This is definitely one reason why many “snowbirds” choose to come here to spend the winter. Along with the boating, the weather in sunny St. George and southern Utah allows you to be out on the golf course and the water earlier and later in the year than anywhere else in Utah. There are great fishing and camping locations all over St. George and the surrounding areas. The fun doesn’t start when the “snowbirds” come down for the winter, it’s year round.