The New St. George Airport
The St. George Municipal Airport is the largest airport in southern Utah, and provides the community with regularly scheduled commercial flights year-round. It's construction was completed and opened for business in 2012. The airport is located 15 miles from the heart of town, and is easily accessed from I-15 or River Road. Some area motels offer shuttle services to and from the airport.
The airport also provides a wide selection of aviation services, including aircraft maintenance, flight instructions, fueling services, and charter and scenic sightseeing trips. Some of the scenic tour companies that operate out of the airport are Zion Country Action Tours, Utah Hot Air Balloon Rides, and Zion Helicopter.

The new facility was built from the ground up at a cost of $160 million. This new airport has a runway over 9,300 feet which allows large corporate jets to fly into the city more often. This airport means a lot for the great city of St. George. It is great for business here and will help stimulate growth. The mayor and government officials are currently working on getting flights to more cities from the new airport.

The airport is 1,203 acres, which is over 5 times the size of the old airport. And it is definitely expandable which will enable them to meet the needs of the community and the people of St. George in the future as well. You can look at the airports official website here:

For now, flying in and out of St. George is very expensive.  When flying to Salt Lake you may prefer driving to Cedar City and then flying from there.  For most other flights, you can generally save money if you dive to Las Vegas.  I hope that as St. George continues to grow, flights from our local airport will be more affordable and some day my children may even be able to catch an international flight from here.