Brian Head

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Brian Head Resort is a premier destination of the southwest no matter the time of year due to its vast opportunity for adventure, excellent weather, and incredible scenery. The Resort provides activities for the whole family. A visit to Brian Head can consist of everything from snow sports to disc golf.
As Brian Head has Utah’s highest base elevation, it offers consistently excellent snow conditions and has the driest snow in North America, with an average moisture content of 4%. Brian Head Peak and Navajo Peak are the mountains that comprise the resort, and between the two of them there are 71 ski trails and nearly 665 acres of available terrain. There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced terrains available for skiing and snowboarding, and each of the two mountains is anchored by a full service base lodge facility. There
Another element of Brian Head's winter season is night skiing, which is generally held every Friday and Saturday night from mid-December to mid-March (except holidays), with regular night skiing hours running from 4 PM - 9 PM and night tubing hours from 4 PM - 8 PM.
During the warmer months, the mountain bike park is the central hub for biking in the area. The chairlift provides access to the classic Bunker Creek and Dark Hollow back country trails, as well as pro-expert downhill lines of Lil' Gritty or Wildflower. Additionally, the Timberline Trail allows bikers to take advantage of both manmade and natural features, and the crew in the bike shop can assist in customizing your experience, regardless of your individual riding style.
Brian Head also has a number of hiking trails for every experience level. While there are many hikes that are directed upward, it's also possible to ride the chairlift up and take a more leisurely hike down the mountain.
Another relaxing activity to participate in at Brian Head is disc golf, which supplies exercise as well as the ability to enjoy the Resort's scenery. Whether you have disc golf experience or are playing for the first time, the 18-hole mountain side course is sure to be a pleasant experience.
Finally, the Brian Head Family Adventure is a self-guided activity course that lines Dixie National Forest's Vista Trail. It is three miles long and is filled with enjoyable and exciting activities suitable for all ages, including fossil excavation, panning for gold, cattle roping, and pictograph painting.