City Parks & Trails

The city of St. George is home to 32 parks, each of which provides visitors with the opportunity to get out and enjoy the sun. Most parks are equipped with playgrounds and picnic tables, as well as fields or courts where people can gather to participate in such diverse sports as baseball, pickleball, volleyball, and soccer. Some parks contain additional features, such as splash pads, ponds, and pavilions that enrich the outdoors experience.
Park hours are generally established as being from sunrise to sunset, unless a facility reservation permit or special event permit has been issued. Some sport courts are available for play after dark as long as they are lit.

Similarly, there are 30 trails available to visitors of St. George, many of which allow bicycles and motorized vehicles that operate below a speed of 20 MPH.  Some of these trails border parks or river beds, while others wind around hills or below city roads. St. George City's official website supplies an overview map of the trails in the area, as well as detailed maps of individual trails to prevent disorientation. Below are details on the each city park, and you can view my othe page "Walking Trails" to see details on the various paved trails maintained by the city.

City Parks:
1100 East Park-655 South 1100 East
This park is over an acre in size and in a neighborhood. It has a lighted sand volleyball court and half basketball court. It also has an unlit half basketball court ready for you and your friends. It is adjacent to Harmon’s Market. The park also features a covered pavilion with picnic tables, a children’s playground, and some a large area of turf grass that is perfect for a picnic.
2450 East Park-2450 East 130 North
This neighborhood park is exactly 7 acres in size and has three lighted sport courts (can be used as volleyball court, full or half court basketball.) There is a walking path that connects the sport courts with the restroom facilities, the children’s playgrounds, covered pavilion with picnic tables and barbecues that all link to the neighborhoods adjacent to it. It is one of St. George’s largest parks and also includes turf grass for picnicking.
Black Hill View Park-265 South Airport Rd.
Some say you feel like you are on top of the world when you are at this Black Hill View Park. It has an overlook of the tree lined streets of St. George and is definitely one of the greatest vistas in all of Southern Utah. Sitting in one of the parks benches, the visitor can enjoy the back drop of the Black Hills or in the east you can see Zion’s National Park.
Mike Jewel, the Park Supervisor, and the park construction crew just completed a wonderful addition to the park. It is a playground, with a sandbox, unique baby swing and a drinking fountain. The playground slides and climbing features are from the kindergarten playground at the school that was torn down to build the new County Court House. There was no extra funding available for the project, so the park staff did all of the work. Even the drinking fountain was from equipment already owned by the city.
Shane Moore, the Park Supervisor, and his staff were able to take sod that needed to be removed for the installation of an ADA accessible ramp at Town Square and install the sod around the playground for no additional cost. They continue to move forward with their goal to keep the park safe, clean, and beautiful even when the funds are limited.
The neighbors surrounding the park have had positive feedback relayed to the City Staff.
Blake Memorial Park-626 South 1360 West
This park is located next to the Santa Clara River, over 2 acres in size. It suffered large damage during the 2005 floods. Even though lots of the property was lost in the floods, it was re0built and now includes some extra features. It includes a children’s playground with swings, restroom facilities, a walking path, grass areas, and shaded picnic areas with barbecues for fun with you and your family.
Bloomington Hills Park-2958 Redwood Tree Dr.
It is commonly known as “Oval Park”. Almost 3 acres in size, this neighborhood park appears to be a giant round-about which provides great access to the neighborhoods surrounding it. There is a children’s playground with swings, a covered pavilion with picnic tables, smaller picnic pads with tables and barbecues, all throughout the grassy hills of the park.
Bloomington Hills North Park-829 East Vermillion Ave.
Some people know it as the “Long Park”. The 10 acre neighborhood park connects the surrounding cul-de-sacs and homes in a long strip of land that mimics a golf fairway. It is a favorite among early morning walkers, the path will lead its way through the park to a children’s playground with swings, areas for picnicking and barbecuing. And also includes a half basketball court.
Bloomington Park-650 W. Man-O-War Road
This is a rather large community park, 18 acres. It includes three softball fields for games, practice and tournaments, a lighted basketball court, and a children’s playground with swings. The park also has restroom facilities and a covered pavilion with picnic tables. It is a WiFi hotspot!
Bluff Street Park-600 North Bluff Street
This park is adjacent to downtown St. George. It is 8 acres and provides spectacular views of St. George’s famous red cliffs. Large trees shade the perimeter of 6.5 acres of open grass area. The facilities include a children’s playground with swings and picnic tables with barbecues. You will regularly see soccer practice and tournaments there.
The pavilion was dedicated on October 1, 2009 and is the starting point for the Mayor’s annual Walk that runs with the St. George Marathon.  The money for the pavilion was donated by the St. George Exchanged Club.
Brooks Nature Park-452 North Main
It is located at the top of Main Street. The architecture and focal point of the neighborhood park are provided by nature, via its serene Cox Pond. It is a historic location, because it was the settlers of the Valley’s first water source location. It offers natural wonders you will find nowhere else in Utah. Botanists have discovered plants that grow only in this unique microclimate and that is protected by canyon walls from harsh winds and insulated by lush plant life. Water percolates from the surrounding red cliffs which fills the pond and supplies water for the historic Water walk on Main Street. You can walk down the gravel path and enjoy the park shaded by trees. At the top of the park, there is a small amphitheater. And for the more adventurous hikers, you can continue up the canyon into the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve trail system. It is a great place to relax and have a great time.
Centennial Parks-301 North 2200 East
This neighborhood park is 13.5 acres is nestled between Panorama Elementary and Pine View Middle School. It was built during Utah’s Centennial Celebration Year. It has large play fields for soccer and softball, an asphalt loop trail and a 100 seat stepped concrete amphitheater with rolling hills of grass. It features a community garden with displays of grasses and adapted plant materials. It shares the green house with the School District and introduces young students to the delightful experience of propagating ornamental plants and vegetables. It has a pavilion and picnic tables as well.
Christensen Park-1470 West 3764 South
This park is kind of hidden away on the west side of Bloomington. It is a 5 acre neighborhood park located within the floodplain of the Virgin River. It features a large covered pavilion with picnic tables and barbecues.  Also includes a children’s playground with swings, a full basketball court, two horseshoe pits, a sand volleyball court, and an open grass area for softball or soccer.
College Park-200 South 1000 East
Almost a full acre in size, this neighborhood park has a lighted full and half basketball court. It is across from Dixie State University. It includes a children’s playground, small picnic pads with tables, and a large area of turf grass for picnicking.
Cottonwood Cove-1027 South Dixie Drive
This park is located next to the Santa Clara River. It is a 7 acre community park, dedicated in the summer of 2008. But planning for the park began in the mid 1990’s. Part of the planned park project was on the property of BLM, which the city eventually was able to obtain that portion of the land. It features plaques depicting events during the 2005 flood. Lots of the homes were washed away in the flood were located across the river from the park.
Money to construct the park was from the flood and State lost city property. The playground equipment is fun and different from other playgrounds. The biggest playground on the grounds has a climbing wall and a rope bridge. The climbing wall is 40 feet long and 9 feet high, and has many different routes. There are also two shade pavilions with picnic tables and barbeques, sand volleyball court, horseshoe pits, open grass areas, lush landscape, and swinging benches that overlook the children’s playground, the restroom facilities, and a loop trail. The Santa Clara River Regional Trail runs through the park as well

Cox Park-900 East 1000 South
This neighborhood park is 4 and a half acres, and has a walking path connects two neighborhoods to the children’s playground. It has two lighted tennis courts, a covered pavilion with tables and barbecues, a full basketball court, and a sand volleyball court. There will be future improvements that include a restroom facility, swings and an Eagle Scout project to connect the adjacent Heritage Elementary School to the park with a 5 foot wide sidewalk.
Crosby Family Confluence Park-1850 S Convention Center Drive
This location has been redesigned, relocated and enhanced and is now named the Crosby Family Confluence Park, no longer the Confluence Trailhead. The original trailhead was constructed in 1997 and in 2010 the UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation) partnered with the city of St. George to construct on the new park on the property previously owned by the Crosby Family. Many trees were able to be preserved including Cottonwood and Pine trees as well as Iconic Mesquite trees. The landscape plantings include all sorts of trees, shrubs and grasses. One great thing about this park is the drainage system that handles the runoff from the interchange. The bio-filtration system cleanses the water and prevents damaging flows to the river.
Walking around the park you will see many things highlighting historic events. These are etched on granite plaques donated by the Sons of the Utah Pioneers, Cotton Mission Chapter and put in as an Eagle Scout project.
The park anchors the Mayor’s 5.2 mile loop walk along the Virgin River Trail that connects to the Virgin Rivera and the Webb Hill, Santa Clara River trail systems.
Dixie Downs Park-1100 North 1795 West
This park underwent an extensive makeover in 2007 with the addition of a new covered pavilion, which includes barbecues, restroom facilities, and a looped walking trail. The improvements were the result of the combined efforts of area scouts, youth groups, park maintenance and park planning staff. The neighborhood serves as a playground for the Dixie Downs Elementary school adjacent to it.
Fire House Park-1800 N Dixie Downs Road
This park is 4 acres, a neighborhood park. It was dedicated on September 24, 2009. It is located at 1800 North Dixie Downs Road across the street from fire station #7. This park features play structures, walking path, and picnic pavilion and restrooms. The fenced secured area for people to let their dogs run and play was installed upon local citizen request. This park is programmed to function as a neighborhood park and is a great addition to the Dixie Downs area of St. George.
Hidden Valley Park-3400 Barcelona Dr.
This park was completed in 2008 by Ivory Homes as part of their development. It is tucked away in a quiet canyon. It is a western themed community park which includes a large children’s playground, interactive splash pad, two covered pavilions with picnic tables and barbeques, open grass area, lighted sand volleyball court, and two lighted tennis courts. The asphalt trail connects the park to the Desert Hills and Hidden Valley communities. The wooden steps from Desert Hills Drive were recently completed in an Eagle Scout Project. This park is also a WiFi hotspot.
J.C. Snow Park-900 South 400 East
This is a 10 acre community park for large gatherings and events. It is located adjacent to interstate 15. Wide expanses of grass, three covered pavilions and picnic tables and barbecues, a children’s playground with swings, and two sand volleyball courts surround the parking lot and restroom facilities. The city’s first off-leash dog park is located in the northwest corner of the park. It provides separately fenced areas for both large and small dogs. The park provides trailhead access to the regional trail system through Hilton Drive Trail and connects to the Skate Park.
Larkspur Park-815 East Ft. Pearce Dr.
This park is a 4.4 acre neighborhood park which also serves as a retention basin for storm water runoff. Features of the park include restroom facilities, a children’s playground, two sand volleyball courts, and two lighted tennis courts. The park provides trailhead access to the regional trail system through Ft. Pearce Wash Trail and connects to Bloomington Hills North Park.
Mathis Park-1820 West Mathis Park Place
This is an 11 acre park and is named in honor of the Mathis Family who donated farm land to the City of St. George. The fishing pond and park property were lost in the 2005 flood, but the park was rebuilt in 2008 with a number of added features and upgrades. The park features a covered pavilion with picnic tables and barbecues, restroom facilities, loop walking trail, three separate grass areas, and a shaded children’s playground. Future improvements include another covered pavilion, more playground equipment and a splash pad. 120 trees from a tree farm have recently been planted in the grass areas and along the trail.
Middleton Park-780 North 1700 East
This 1 acre park underwent major renovations in 2008 with the aid of Community Development Block Grant funds, to meet the minimum standards of a neighborhood park. Improvements added include a covered pavilion with picnic tables and a large barbecue, restroom facilities, improved full basketball court, renovated grassy field, and the addition of many new shade trees and landscaping.
Pioneer Park-Red Hills Parkway
This large 52 acre park is a rock climber’s paradise. From Dixie Rock, also known as the Sugarloaf, spectacular views of downtown, White Dome, Zion National Park and Arizona can be seen. The park has a big trellis pavilion with two barbecues and a fire ring, several smaller picnic areas with tables, and two with metal trellis pavilions. It also has a separate fire pit with an amphitheater. There are numerous hiking trails that provide access to a Boy Scout Cave, historical pioneer cabin location, slot canyons and a connection into the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.
Royal Oaks Park-1250 North 1400 West
This is a 5 and a half acre community park that provides direct access to Halfway Wash Trail and connection to the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve via Paradise Rim Trail. The park amenities include a covered pavilion with picnic tables and barbecues, children’s playground with swings, a lighted half basketball court, and several grassy areas. Future improvements for this park include restroom facilities, additional shade trees and smaller picnic pads for families. 
Shadow Mountain Park-360 North 1050 West
This park may go unnoticed because most of it is hidden from the street. The hidden features include restroom facilities, a children’s playground with swings, lighted basketball court, sand volleyball court, asphalt  loop trail and a wide expanse of grass area for Frisbee and informal soccer. There is also a large trellis pavilion with picnic tables adjacent to the playground. There is a secluded pond at the end of the park surrounded by a variety of evergreen and different trees and shrubs.
Slick Rock Park-2395 Riverside Dr.
This is a 7 acre neighborhood park that is a great spot for rock climbing beginners. It has two rock climbing boulders, restroom facilities, a trellis covered pavilion with picnic tables and a barbecue, and several small grassy areas. A loop trail connects the park elements with a seasonal stream and a wide variety of natural vegetation. Future improvements include trail connections to 2450 East Park through Slick Rock Trail east, the Virgin River Trail through Slick Rock Trail west, and the neighborhood above the park with a stairway.
Springs Park-2395 East Springs Dr.
This is an 8 acre park located by the Virgin River and adjacent to Seegmiller Marsh, a good location for bird watchers. This park features a lighted half basketball court, children’s playground with swings, restroom facility, covered pavilion with picnic tables and a barbecue and a walking path with bench swings. It is surrounding a beautiful large pond, and is home to many ducks and geese. Future improvements will be a trail connection to the regional trail system through the Virgin River Trail, South Trail. 
Sunset Park-540 North 1590 West
This park was renovated recently and new features include a pavilion, playground, restroom facilities, a large turf grass area, a paved walking path, drinking fountains, electrical outlets, picnic tables, softball backstop, and new landscaping. The park is shared with Sunset Elementary is closed to the public during school hours. Attached are a few pictures to update.
Tawa Ponds-2300 West Snow Canyon Parkway
The annual fishing derby is held in this park. The park was developed by the City of St. George and cooperatively managed by the city, DWR and Southern Utah Anglers. The trout limit is 2, with catch and release for largemouth bass.

The Fields-2821 Little Valley Rd
This is a Softball Complex, it combines four lighted softball fields with a small neighborhood park. This park hosts practice and team play for all ages ranging from little league to the Huntsman Senior Games. The facility includes a historical farm theme central building with restroom facilities, a concession area open during scheduled events, a scorekeeper’s room which can also be used for small meetings and a shade covered playground. The neighborhood park incudes features such as a children’s playground with swings and farm themed wood timber pavilion with picnic tables. This park is also a WiFi hotspot.
Tonaquint Park-1851 South Dixie Drive
This is one of the premier parks of St. George as it recovers from the devastating floods of 2005. There are a variety of features at this park include eight tournament quality tennis courts, two covered pavilions with picnic tables and barbecues for group picnics, a shaded children’s playground, Tonaquint Nature Center and pond, and loop walking trails that connect to the Santa Clara Trail. The Washington County Water Conservatory District demonstration garden is adjacent to the park, and is maintained by the park staff. Future improvements will continue with the installation of additional trees and development of the southern portion of the park.
Vernon Worthen Park-300 South 400 East
This is a community park located in the heart of St. George adjacent to the St. George Leisure Services Recreation Center. It is 4.5 acres and includes a gazebo, four separate picnic areas, restroom facilities, children’s playground with swings, and three lighted sand volleyball courts. The tennis courts were recently renovated to provide one futsal and four pickleball courts which are lighted. This park hosts City sponsored Summer Concerts, is part of the St. George Marathon Finish Line, and a variety of recreation tournaments and seasonal festivals. It is also a WiFi hotspot.
Canyons-1890 West 2000 North
This park is a Softball Complex and is a world class softball facility and a neighborhood park. Recent improvements include parking access and the field hub area, which now have trellis covered pavilions adjacent to the parking lot and raised seat wall planters behind the fields. A typical activity seen there are softball tournaments which draw participants to the Huntsman Senior Games, the Heatstroker Tournament, and many others. The neighborhood park features include a children’s playground, trellis covered pavilions and restroom facilities. There is a pedestrian tunnel under Snow Canyon Parkway that connects the facility to the Snow Canyon Trailhead parking lot and Tawa Pond. The park is also a WiFi hotspot.
Petroglyph Park-1472 Navajo Drive
This is a half-acre park in size. It features large boulders with petroglyphs. The carved images on the rocks tell the stories of ancient people. Many of the carved images are recognizable as human and animal forms and perhaps contain early trail maps. You can help preserve the unique and fragile cultural heritage, just look and observe but do not touch.
Town Square-50 South Main St
This park is located inside the downtown historic district. It is surrounded by some of the city’s most historic buildings. It features several dramatic water features, a splash pad fountain with jets that spray high into the air, a lazy river to cool your feet, and a splashing waterfall. There are shade pavilions with tables and chairs that provide a relaxing place to watch your children play in the water. It has grassy parade grounds, restroom facilities, a monument tower, Town Square Park also plays host to a variety of public events: First Night, Art Festival, summer movies on the square and more. It is a WiFi hotspot as well. There is a Carousel as well.
Zion's Bank Park-20 North Main St
This a little known and often overlooked park located right in the middle of town at the corner of St. George Boulevard and Main Street. It features a variety of flowering ornamental trees and shrubs as a backdrop to showcase bronze artworks created by professional artists in the community. This colorful park, includes a waterfall is an inviting experience.

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